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Frequently Asked Questions

    About B1Menu

  • How is your app different than the competitors?

    B1Menu has a cutting edge technology that allow you to digitalize your menu and to connect all your restaurant sections to work together so the management will have full insights of their restaurant, in addition of the interactive and sleek user interface to maximize the diners experience.

  • Does the staff require any technical experience to manage or use the B1Menu System?

    B1Menu System offers a simple and easy to use UI that can be used by anyone from your staff. Updating the menu can be done through the admin panel which has been designed to be suited for all your team members.

  • Which type of Restaurants B1Menu System made for?

    B1Menu can be adapted into any restaurant type, it is made with features which can be changed and tweaked suiting your restaurant needs. Whether you are a coffee shop or a fine dining restaurant, B1Menu will help your restaurant to increase efficiency and offer a unique experience for your guests.

  • How can I check or arrange a demo of your system?

    All you have to do is to download the application on your device from the app stores, then create your account and upload your menu. Setting up your account and all menu items is very easy and it can be done within an hour.

  • Features

  • Can the application be customized for my restaurant?

    Yes, our solution offers the maximum personalization and customization tools so that your profile and menu theme will be exactly as how you need it.

  • Do I need to contact a graphic expert for updating pictures and look?

    You do not have to hire or contact any expert when it comes to updating pictures or overall theme. Changing pictures and restaurant logo in B1Menu comes with easy to use system where you just have to select the right picture and it will be updated automatically across all devices.

  • What should be the size of tablets that restaurants can adapt for B1Menu application?

    B1Menu supports all tablets regardless of their size and it will offer same uniform experience. You can adapt multiple size tablets in the same restaurant depend on your preference as our application support all tablet sizes and types.

  • Do customers order directly from tablet or the server on their behalf?

    Either or a combination of both, it is totally up to the restaurant on how they want to handle the operations.

  • How many languages are supported by B1Menu?

    Currently, B1Menu supports English, Arabic, French, Urdo, Deutsch, Filipino, Russian and Chinese. But we are working on getting more languages to be included in the app.

  • Can I setup/edit the digital menu on my own?

    Yes, the menu is completely self-managed. After you create the account, you can manage everything on your own. And if you’ll need help, please contact us and we will help.

  • How feedback system works?

    The user-friendly feedback system is customized within the application in an extremely simple and interesting method that your guests will be able to enjoy giving the feedback and to write their notes freely.

  • Technical Questions

  • Is Internet connectivity required?

    Internet is required, as B1Menu works on cloud base network created by wifi routers or 3G connections so you can have the mobility experience without restrictions.

  • Do I pay the licenses monthly, yearly or per usage?

    Payment is conducted monthly or yearly as per your preferred package.

  • Which materials do I need for the setup of my B1Menu digital menu?

    Our digital menu app enables various input possibilities such as descriptions of food and beverages, HD photographs, videos and prices of the food and beverages. The more of the information is the better digital experience for your guests. By presenting full information, you will make it easier for your guests to decide on their order quickly.

  • Can I connect B1Menu with our existing POS system?

    Yes, it is possible to connect the app with your existing POS. In that case we will handle all the technical details with your POS vendor.

  • Is B1Menu available on Google Play Store/App Store?

    Yes, our application is available in the Google/Apple store.

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